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Church History

glenn springs presbyterian history

In 1877 there were not many Presbyterians in the small town of Glenn Springs, SC. However, among them were three Presbyterian elders and their families who would meet once a month in the parlor of the Glenn Springs Hotel to listen to the Reverend A. L. Miller preach. This practice lasted for about one year and then the Reverend A. A. James, pastor of the Fairforest Presbyterian Church, took over the duties of preaching once a month. 

In 1880 the question of building a church was raised and Reverend A. A. James appointed the following committee to raise the necessary funds and build the church: Mr. C. Eber Smith, Mr. W. F. West, and Mr. H. S. Simpson. Mr. J. Wistar Simpson donated the lot on which the church was to be built. The necessary funds were raised, and the foundation was laid on March 23, 1881. The building project was completed that summer. In the Fall of 1881, a Sunday School was organized and Col. W. J. T. Glenn was elected Superintendent. 

In 1883 a petition was signed and sent to the Spring Meeting of the Enoree Presbytery asking that a church be organized in Glenn Springs. This is an account taken from the first minutes of the Session Book: "The following members of the commission met on the 19th of May, 1883: Rev. A. A. James, Ruling Elders J. H. Evans, T. J. Moore, and W. J. T. Glenn. After religious exercises, testimonials of membership were presented by the following persons desiring to organize into a Presbyterian church: Harvey S. Simpson, Mrs. Bessie S. Zimmerman, George D. Smith, Mrs. Henrietta Smith, Mrs. Mary Wallace Smith, Mrs. Harriet West, Mrs. Margaret West, Mr. William Lancaster, and Mrs. C. S. Lancaster. Also, the following were received on Profession of Faith: Miss Hattie Smith, Miss Patra Lee Smith, Mr. Gussie D. Smith, Mr. Frank R. Simpson, Mr. Andrew Foster, Mr. John H. Foster, and Mr. Franklin Sloan. These were the charter members of the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church." Mr. Harvey S. Simpson and Mr. W. W. Lancaster were then elected as Elders and Mr. Gussie D. Smith and Mr. Andrew M. Foster were elected as Deacons. The church was named Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church by a unanimous vote.

The Reverend A. A. James was elected Pastor on March 16, 1884. He had been preaching since 1879 when the church met in the parlor of the Glenn Springs Hotel, and then in the new church building before and after the official organization of the church as Stated Supply. He continued in the pastorate of this church until his death in June 1901.

In 1905 the congregation decided to make some improvements in the church building and the amount of $500.00 was raised by subscription. Before the work was begun, the Simpson family conceived a plan to erect another church as a Memorial to J. Wistar and Anne Pattillo Simpson. The congregation on October 20, 1907 approved the plan and the second church was constructed of stone. The money secured for the original improvements was used for furnishings. Work was begun on this second church on November 8, 1907 and was completed in June 1908. Services were held in the new church for the first time on Saturday, May 16, 1908, the 25th anniversary of the church's organization. Rev. A. A. James preached the sermon from Psalm 26:6. The building was dedicated on June 21, 1908.

The congregation voted on May 3, 1959 to move the site of the church, then located just above the "springs," to its present location on the South Carolina Highway 215. On April 3,

glenn springs presbyterian church

1960, the congregation accepted the floor plan and design of the church as drawn and presented by Mr. James H. Smith. The present church building was then constructed on property purchased from Mr. F. T. White. It is the third church building erected by the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church. Those elected to the building committee were: Mr. James H. Smith, Chairman, Mr. W. B. Smith, Mr. R. W. Williams, Mr. Julian Casey, Miss Margaret Williams, Mrs. William O. Posey, and Mr. Earl McArther. Ground was broken for the new church on April 9, 1960 and the church was completed November 26, 1961, the date of the first service in the new church. The Church was dedicated on August 12, 1962.

The mortgage burning ceremony was held at our Homecoming in September 1971.

glenn springs presbyterian church

Ground breaking for the Glenn Springs Presbyterian Church Family Life Center was held on September 28, 2003. Construction began a few weeks later on the $550,000.00 building. Members of the Family Life Center committee were: Mr. Frank Oglesby, Chairman, Mrs. Mary Woods, Mr. Tommy Rogers, Mrs. Nancy Rogers, Mrs. Jennifer Eubanks, Mr. David Hart, Mr. Mike West, Mr. Jim Akins, Mr. Frank Wilson, Mr. Jim Powell, Mrs. Linda Powell, Mr. Kevin Horres, Miss Edith Thornton, Mrs. Geneva Pettit, and Dr. B. E. Pettit (Ex-Officio). The building was completed and dedicated on Sunday, July 4, 2004. At the dedication service the Presbyterian Women presented a banner to hang proudly in the gymnasium. Also Mr. Bob Smith, Mr. David Hart, and Mr. Jonathan Hart laid the Cornerstone. Clerk of Session, Mr. Kevin C. Horres, presented a portrait and plaque of Dr. B. E. Pettit, which hangs in the Fellowship Hall area of the Family Life Center. Mrs. Barbara Tardiff donated furnishings for the Fellowship Hall as well as the piano that is currently in the Family Life Center. Activities are enjoyed there on a weekly basis.

We are happy that over the years we have maintained a true spirit of Christianity in the community and we pray God's Blessings upon our efforts in the future.

glenn springs presbyterian church
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